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Ronnefeldt Fruit Infusion

Quality is of paramount importance for Ronnefeldt. That is why Ronnefeldt purchases teas from all over the world with the greatest of care. Our tea comes from plantations that organically cultivate their plants, from the selection of seed through to regular monitoring of growth. As often as possible, the fruits of wild plants are used. Our tea tasters enjoy great success in the creation of new and interesting blends to make Ronnefeldt fruit infusions even more popular.

Ronnefeldt Herbal Infusion

Combined with the trend to fitness and wellness grows the need for natural beverages to refresh both body and soul. Rooibos (Afrikaans for "Red Bush") is a member of the legume family of plants which grow in South Africa. Its needle-like leaves are fermented and commonly used to make an infusion in the same manner as tea. Rooibos is a traditional drink containing healthy proteins, calcium, and trace elements.

 Honeybush, another South African bush, grows wild on the Cape. The fermented tea tastes as sweet as honey. Honeybush contains virtually no caffeine and little tannin to inhibit absorption of essential minerals.



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