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The real tea connoisseur prefers loose tea simplybecause it brings out the wonderful variety of nuances and flavours.

Tea is very similar to wine. There are an endlessnumber of different types, the production method, harvest time and the shape of the leaf all influence the final taste. Selected teas are grown where special climate conditions and highly advanced cultivation are combined.

There are only five countries in the entire world that fulfil these criteria: India, Ceylon (Sri Lanka),China, Formosa (Taiwan) and Japan. Ronnefeldt only trades teas from these countries so you can offer outstanding quality to the most discerning guests.


Darjeeling: Tea growing area in the Indian Himalayas. The most precious teas are grown in this area up to a height of 2,500m. The continuous change from dry to moist air, from chilly conditions to intensive sun, with mist and monsoon rain the great aroma and the flowery elegance of Darjeeling tea is developed. Connoisseurs value the mild and flowery taste of First Flush (Springtime Darjeeling) from the first harvests. Second flush Darjeeling is highly aromatic. Both are perfect served with or without fine white sugar.


Assam is a state in the North-East of India. The estates are located on the slopes of river Brahmaputra at heights of 300 m to 800 m and form the largest connected tea growing area in the world. With a humid tropical climate, strong, spicy teas are harvested. Tea drinkers who prefer strong, malty, full-bodied teas – preferably with crystal sugar and cream will enjoy Assam.


Sri Lanka is an island in the Indian Ocean. The best teas are grown in the highlands at heights between 1,000m and 2,000m. The monsoon rain dictates the timing of the harvest between June and September. When it rains in the west of the island, high quality teas are harvested in the eastern UVA district. In the west, the best Dimbula teas are plucked when it rains in the east between January and March. Teas from Ceylon are not heavy, have a lemony slightly steely aroma and a wonderful reddish colour. Ceylon teas are suitable for a hint of milk.


The most famous flavoured tea is definitely Earl Grey, which was introduced to Europe in the 19th century. But the real masters of flavouring tea were the Chinese who started 2,000 years ago by combining them with Jasmine, rose petals and chrysanthemums.

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